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Dawson Road Maintenance - Cariboo@DawsonRoadMaint
April 17

Just a reminder, if you have studded tires on your vehicle, make sure to have them removed soon. Use of studded tir…

April 16

The Cariboo Regional District has great information on flood protection and protecting your home on their website.…

April 15

Crews have completed the re-decking of the Lilley bridge on Canim-Hendrix Rd. Speed reductions remain in effect unt…

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British Columbia Dawson Road Maintenance

Dawson Road Maintenance watches for incoming comments and requests for service continually and tries to provide a meaningful response as quickly as possible. Our 1-800 number is answered 24/7 and information is passed to our field and operational staff immediately.

Please note, while we track and respond to all comments or service requests, there are times when events — including severe weather or other natural occurrences — conspire to make responses more challenging. We’re human. Be patient. We value your input. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We promise!