The Dawson Road Maintenance team in Service Area 16 got together at the 100 Mile House yard Tuesday for an October barbecue, just in advance of the winter season.

Dawson Group Chief Operating Officer Yves Lacasse thanked the team for their hard work, cooked and served hot dogs and hamburgers, and marked a couple special occasions, including the birthday and retirement of Arlene Rushton, who marked her last day with DRM after 30 years with the company. As well, Yves thanked the heroic efforts of DRM flaggers TJ Gagnon and Tyler Kukkola, who last week helped save the life of an elderly woman who was suffering significant medical distress at a gas station near Cache Creek. The two men performed CPR on the woman until medical emergency personnel arrived.

More than 70 staff from the SA 16 turned out for the event, and posed for a group pic in front of one of the new tri-drive plow trucks recently delivered to 100 Mile House as part of fleet improvements DRM is making in all of its four service areas this fall.