Signs that summer is coming to an end: days are becoming shorter, leaves are changing colours and Dawson Road Maintenance (DRM) has the coolest looking float in the annual Smithers Fall Fair.

The 104th annual Smithers-Bulkley Valley Exhibition (BVX) took place over four days at the end of August. Our DRM crew supported the event, as they typically do, volunteering their time to help out at the fair, provided garbage bags and other cleaning supplies, and most importantly, donated their new plow truck for decoration.

The party started on the Wednesday night with both the plow truck and a DRM pickup truck, riding through the streets of Smithers in the parade. During the parade, DRM employees handed out some treats to the parade attendees. Everyone had a great time.

The day after the parade, kids lined up at the fairgrounds with washable paint and let their artistic instincts take over, as they nearly covered every inch of the plow truck in paint.

We are all looking forward to seeing our new equipment in action this winter, continuing to safely connect our communities!