The Chanel Creek Slide has been one of the hardest projects I have ever been a part of. Our team has been affected by the loss of life on our roads and has been working tirelessly since the flooding started to ensure our communities can once again be safely connected.

Dawson Road Maintenance has also had a huge role in keeping one of the only routes open to the south coast, which on a mountain pass like the Duffy Lake Highway, is no small feat.

Lillooet Road Foreman, Blaine Turner, has done an outstanding job, taking the lead on clearing debris from Highway 12 and Highway 99. He has organized traffic checkpoints and worked in partnership with the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.

As for myself, I have been working on getting the necessary equipment and manpower to the appropriate sites. In addition, consistent communications with all needed organizations has been required, and our team continues to ensure regular maintenance is delivered throughout the South Cariboo.

I feel very privileged to have this team around me. Our crew always does amazing work and in the face of this crisis, have surpassed all expectations. A big thank you to all of you, and specifically to our Quality Manager, David Rhodes, who has been a key contributor to our operations. I appreciate all of you!

Chris Rottluff
Manager, Operations
South Cariboo SA 16