We can take for granted the importance of having healthy food available for us to eat whenever we want. There are people that struggle to put meals together for themselves and their family members. Luckily, there are organizations like People In Transition (PIT) Stop program that provide a meal service to those in need. Last week, members of Dawson Group teamed up with PIT Stop to serve lunch and dinner.

Volunteers from Dawson Group’s corporate office in Kamloops and members from our Service Area 16 office in 100 Mile House made their way down, as Dawson supported this program for the third consecutive year. Friends and family members joined our employees in making some of our community members’ day.

Volunteers prepped and served meals, helped set up and clean up after meals, as our team of volunteers provided food for more than 160 clients – one of their largest servings this year.

If you weren’t able to make it down to volunteer last week, there are ways you can still help out with PIT Stop.

They are in need of some items to continue their service. If you have the time, please consider dropping off any of these donated items to the Kamloops United Church.

Items in need: non-perishable food items, to-go containers, food-grade gloves (various sizes), large freezer bags, plastic cutlery, spices, juice crystals, coffee, cleaning supplies, fresh or frozen ground meat (beef, chicken or turkey). Donations can be dropped off at the front door of Kamloops United Church (421 St. Paul Street), please ask for Florence or Candance.

Dawson Group is excited to know that we will return to PIT Stop next year, Sept. 15, to serve meals once again.

If you are interested in volunteering with PIT Stop, please contact them at pitstop@kamloopsunited.ca or visit their website: https://kamloopsunited.ca/pit-stop/.