Earlier this spring, our Dawson Road Maintenance (DRM) crew in Service Area 25 went to work on a dipped section of Kispiox Valley Road to help prevent it from flooding each spring.

Previously, a beaver pond on one side of Kispiox Valley Road always spilled over the banks (as a result of beaver dams and ice buildup) and went into Elizabeth Lake on the other side of the road. The minor flooding was a hazard for travellers in this area.

When the water level dropped, DRM got to work. Over the course of one week, DRM dug down the road three inches above the water level without affecting the water, installed a culvert to allow water to safely drain into Elizabeth Lake and covered it up with crush (the high-water mark of the lake sits 1.5 feet below the pond). They also raised the level of the road nearly two feet, to reassure that the risk of future flooding is as minimal as possible.

Local residents are quite pleased with the timely work that DRM has accomplished and are quite happy their road will be dry next spring.