Steve Schedel is the latest example of a Dawson Road Maintenance (DRM) employee taking advantage of the learning and training opportunities within the company.

Arriving at DRM in 2021, Schedel was hired as Machine Operator in the Cariboo region, before switching to the bridge crew when a Bridge Worker position was available. Wanting an opportunity to grow within the company, he required further education. That’s when he began his Piledriver and Bridgeworker apprenticeship with Skills B.C. and the Piledrivers Union.

“It was an amazing learning experience and it definitely humbled me at times. But I gained a ton of knowledge and I am glad my company supported me throughout this process,” said Schedel, now a Bridge Foreman.

Schedel worked hard to finish the course ahead of time, completing the second and third years of the program back-to-back without any breaks. Aside from the six-week classroom course on Annacis Island in the Lower Mainland, Schedel earned all of his apprenticeship hours working alongside Skylar McCarthy, Bridge Manager.

“Steve has been a great piece of the bridge crew for a few years now and we are all very proud of him for putting the work into his apprenticeship. We’re excited to see him work and grow in his new role,” said McCarthy.

With the apprenticeship in his back pocket, Schedel is eager to continue his work, keeping bridge users in his region as safe as possible.

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