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Central Cariboo

Cariboo Williams Lake

Live, work, and thrive in the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast

The Cariboo Chilcotin Coast region in British Columbia provides a unique blend of picturesque landscapes and a vibrant lifestyle, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a balance of work, leisure, and family life. Renowned as a land without limits, this ar

Dawson Road Maintenance water truck saves the day at local Gymkhana event

There is nothing like kicking the dust up at a country event. Horses running around, kids playing and people stomping their boots can kick up quite the mess – and it’s all in good fun until you bite into your hotdog and get more dust than ketchup. That was the situatio

Dawson Group proud to continue contributing to B.C.’s great history

It’s hard to look around this province and not see the positive impact this company has made, shaping the way we travel safely across our beautiful province. From the mountains in the east, to the jagged coastline in the west; the desert in the south, to the amazing long summe

A celebration 100 Years in the Making

The history of this great company was brought to the present, as hundreds of Dawson employees gathered to celebrate our centennial anniversary last Saturday at the Powwow Grounds in Kamloops. We welcomed current and former employees, along with their families, and were joined

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