Dawson Road Maintenance has a toll-free number available to you 24/7 for reporting public roadway emergencies in your area – 1.800.842.4122 . Your valuable information is passed to our field and operational staff so we can respond as quickly as possible, or plan work as needed. You can also report any non-urgent matters directly to our offices or on our website.

Our most common calls are about debris on our highways – fallen trees, wildlife and garbage. We also receive calls about signage and regarding our current grading or patching schedules.

Our administrative team documents all calls and forwards the pertinent details to the supervisors responsible for the road or area. Our management team reviews all records periodically to ensure follow up.

We also update DriveBC throughout the day with current information about anything that may impact driving conditions on the main routes in our areas – including highway incidents, winter conditions or planned works like patching, ditching, brushing, etc.