There is nothing like kicking the dust up at a country event.

Horses running around, kids playing and people stomping their boots can kick up quite the mess – and it’s all in good fun until you bite into your hotdog and get more dust than ketchup.

That was the situation in June at the Tatla Lake Gymkhana horse-riding equestrian event. Weeks of dry conditions turned the arena into a giant dustbowl that made it uncomfortable for the audience to watch the speed and finesse of the horses.

One of Dawson Road Maintenance’s Road Foremen was in attendance and was getting covered in dust. He got the brilliant idea to call one of his Machine Operators and asked him to bring the water truck down to the Gymkhana event, located five-kilometres from the Tatla Lake yard.

Over the two days of the event, Carley drove the water truck over the dirt, keeping all the dust on the ground and out of the air. In total, three hours of operating time were needed to disperse 7,000-litres of water.

The organizers from the Gymkhana event were very thankful and shared their appreciation to DRM in a thank you letter expressing their gratitude of the support they received.

Unique situations like this one is an example of the many ways all our Dawson Group family of companies like to support our local communities through our Corporate Social Responsibility program.