Dawson Road Maintenance (DRM) prides themselves on being connected with the communities they serve. Recently, our team in Service Area (SA) 22 discovered a new and innovative way to help an elementary school.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) representatives in SA 22, Devon Katerberg, Karma Wolsey, Danielle Derkach and Nicole Anderson, were in communication with the Clearview Elementary and Junior Secondary School about the possibility of rerouting our gravel trucks to not disturb the upcoming Terry Fox Run (another great cause). One thing led to another and our CSR team discovered that the school, which enrolls children from kindergarten to Grade 9, were unable to heat their lunches, as they didn’t have any working microwaves.

Moving quickly, as school is a month back into session, our CSR team purchased five microwaves and donated them to the school.

The teachers were very thrilled about the news. Our CSR team in SA 22 looks forward to finding new ways to supporting the local community.